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"first I dont know where to begin, or how to thank all the physical therapists at cape coral location. I have severe pain with my rotator cuff and neck issues. The entire team from Rob, Linda, and NatAlie gave me so much emotional and professional support to to alivate my pain. They work with your doctor and you to find the best possible solutions and exercises to make the pain go away, and to keep it away. They really care about every individual that walks in the door and you get there complete attention to soloving the issue. Thank you everyone and i highly recommend there p.t. Team for your physical needs."
Mar 25, 2021
"I have been coming to Integrated therapy for several years. I would trust no one else to do the evaluations and therapies. Dr. Rob is amazing and also always available for questions regarding options for treatment. I am presently under the care of Linda Croft. I look forward to my visits and the guidance and instruction I receive for care at therapy and my home treatments. Linda is tireless in working with you to provide optimum treatment and make sure you understand what your role is in the process. She is extremely patient and understanding when I can just about get in the door. She works with me wherever I am at on the pain scale. When I leave therapy I always feel better physically and mentally. Meka is the receptionist and she is adorable. She puts up with my full schedule to fit me in for treatments. I feel so blessed to have found this therapy practice. I have been to many places for therapy but this is the place you want to go here in Cape Coral. In addition to the care, the therapists are dedicated to providing safe, optimal care in this difficult time. I highly recommend Integrated Therapy!!"
Aug 04, 2020
"What a great place ! Everyone is so caring . I didn’t think I would get any better, but after I saw them within weeks I could see such a difference . Thank you ladies for everything !!! "
Mar 09, 2020
"Words cannot express my gratitude to Rob and his staff. They are the anchor on my journey to live my life to the fullest with the back pain that I endure. Rob also is willing to work with my doctors and PT from up north. He believes in the TOTAL participation with all of my team of medical doctors. Some practices will see you for 10 to 15 minutes and delegate you to machines. Rob believes in MANUAL therapy! Never again will I go to any other PT office down south. He has spoiled me with his philosophy of hands-on therapy. Rob has instructed me with exercises that I complete at home. He double checks that I complete them correctly and if I need a correction, he makes sure that I understand what I am doing wrong and the correct way to complete the exercise. He is invaluable to me and I don't know how I would have managed without his help and support. I appreciate all that he does for me."
Sep 20, 2019
"This the best place to go for physical therapy. Maribel and Matt are best physical therapists I have ever had."
May 12, 2019
"Over the past two years I have been to several other physical therapy places in my hometown area. None addressed my issues in the manner that Integrated Therapy has. This facility is small, very quiet, not over booked and the therapists work one- on-one with the clients. I was especially impressed that they "stayed" with me after showing me how to preform an exercise and that they corrected my body into the proper positioning while doing said exercises so that I would get the most beneficial effects correctly. The staff at the Hobart office, Karen Wyss, Matt Hard and Sara Whyde along with students Corrine, Mitch, Myrtha and Stacy took time to "listen", then develop a plan that fit my complaints. They taught me the importance of their "feeling" and "watching" my muscle and skeletal system to help tell them where my body's troubled areas were located. They explained my trigger spots and the benefits of messaging them into a less tight knot before having me do exercises to stretch, strengthen and improve my overall areas of weakness including working on my core and balance. The encouragement that they have provided me with is refreshing along with helpful in getting me to do these exercises at home. I am not completely "corrected" nor am I "free" of the difficulties with which I struggle but I can assure you that with the help and instructions from Integrated Therapy that I have begun to progress forward and I am anticipating continued improvement. Thank you to all for your confidence in my achieving a better me. Greatly appreciative, Martha Irak "
Apr 26, 2019

I can finally hike, do yoga and enjoy the beauty of nature. Since 2004, due to a traumatic brain injury I had been suffering from severe neck pain and had been to many therapy clinics. Coming to Integrated therapy practice was the silver lining in my cloud of despair. The therapy that was given to me was holistic, effective and unlike any that I have ever received. I can't believe that my body feels this way now. Thank you Integrated!

– Sabeena

Integrated therapy practice provides exceptional care with a holistic approach to healing. The staff is kind, compassionate and gives support through every phase of treatment. IPT is unique in their approach, giving their patients quality time with their talented therapists on each visit.

– Rin

The staff has been great- understanding, helpful and supportive. I enjoyed my experience immensely. Techniques that have been imparted have been easy to follow up at home. I have experienced a reduction in pain that was almost immediate and I look forward to coming back.

– Edward

After years of chronic pain from 3 major back surgeries, I thought my life was truly confined to the bed. Then I found Integrated therapy. Rob and Sabina have changed my life. Their knowledge and kindness get me through each day and I feel I have been given a new beginning.

– Benita

What makes Integrated therapy stand out from other physical therapy businesses? the moment I walked into the office I knew I would be in good hands. The office staff and physical therapists are always welcoming and very helpful. The physical therapists interact with their patients on a personal level, making us feel relaxed throughout the process. This comforting technique has greatly aided in my recovery. Their treatment has significantly increased my range of motion and decreased the constant pain I felt. They are the best and I highly recommend them for any physical therapy needs.

– Barb

I have been coming to Integrated therapy for years and have flexible appointments and the utmost outstanding care that has gotten me through some very tough times throughout the years. I was given a good understanding and explanation of what I have to do at home to keep me healthy!


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