Y L. from Merrillville

I recently had a knee replacement. As I learned with past surgeries, prep with a physical therapist is key. I asked if there were any exercises I could do to build up the muscles involved for a quicker recovery. Dr. Rob, Dr. Jessica and Ben worked with me and gave me exercises before I had surgery. My surgeon, my in-house nurse and my in-house physical therapist were amazed at how quickly I recovered. After surgery, you work up the first two weeks to 45° bend. My first visit five days after surgery I was at 110°. Within two weeks I was up to 140° which is the standard to work towards. Normally you have a walker for a couple of weeks and a cane for stability. I was off the walker in five days and didn't need a cane. Many people do not understand that physical therapy can be preventative if you get the body in alignment. The reason I am so impressed with this particular physical therapy group is that they treat the body. You may go in for problems with your knee and discover that it's related to the way you stand and your alignment and if you get that correct a lot of the problems go away. I have been to other physical therapists where are you go in, they work on you and you leave. Not here. You feel encouraged and proactive. I have had many surgeries. A previous review mentioned that my pre-work with this physical therapy cut my hospitalization time from 5 to 3 days. I cannot say enough about Dr. Rob, Dr. Jessica, and Ben. They care personally about each patient that comes in and it shows. I only wish that doctors would think of this as an alternative instead of jumping right into surgery or medicine. This group has changed my life for the better and is allowing me to achieve goals that I never thought I would be able to attain. Thank you again Dr. Rob, Dr. Jessica and Ben. I so appreciate you and your dedication.
Carol H. Past and Current Patient from Cape Coral

Erin, is a a fantastic therapist. She is extremely professional, kind and very caring. She is VERY good at what she does. Personally I think she is better than the DPT. She deserves a raise for her patient experience. I've seen her interact with other patients as well and have nothing but positive and good things to say about her.
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julie t. from Hobart

Greedy practice! I stated I didn't want any services that weren't covered by insurance above my copay, and the PTdid not honor that. While insurance payments were still pending, and after sending me only one statement,, my account was sent immediately to collections after 30 days past due without a final notice. I sent them a payment minus $20 dollars of the balance due, and they refused to accept it as final payment. I never received that final bill.
Former patient from Hobart

first I dont know where to begin, or how to thank all the physical therapists at cape coral location. I have severe pain with my rotator cuff and neck issues. The entire team from Rob, Linda, and NatAlie gave me so much emotional and professional support to to alivate my pain. They work with your doctor and you to find the best possible solutions and exercises to make the pain go away, and to keep it away. They really care about every individual that walks in the door and you get there complete attention to soloving the issue. Thank you everyone and i highly recommend there p.t. Team for your physical needs.
Linnea D. from Cape Coral


I am very pleased with the therapy I receive at ITP! All of the therapists are highly qualified and very personable. I never have to wait long, and the therapist spends 45 minutes on me. I would not go anywhere else!
Jeani T

Awesome experience, very helpful and caring. Explains in detail what is happening. Improved stability and walking after our sessions. 100% recommendation if you need some amazing physical therapy!
Keith K.

I absolutely love my physical therapist. The relief I feel when I leave is beyond words. I walked in with so much pain from inflammation and walked out without limping.
Crystal A.